The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxfordshire and…Chapter 13 (part 2)

Below can be seen an embedded copy of the chapter on the Oxfordshire archaeological collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum by myself and Dr Dan Hicks. The chapter is from the book World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization. Conceived by Dr Dan Hicks (Curator of Archaeology) and managed by both Dan and Dr Alice Stevenson (Researcher in World Archaeology), the project involved a host of specialists examining artefacts from 134 countries in a process not too dissimilar from a  MoRPHE post-excavation assessment (you can read Dan’s introduction to the book here). The book is published on the 8th March and is available to purchase now.

For some reason the chapter embed doesn’t seem to want to automatically display at a decent zoom level, so either click the full screen button at the bottom right or the ‘Scribd’ button at the bottom left for a more enjoyable reading experience.


To read my introduction to the chapter and project please see here. Afterwards you may also be interested in an extended discussion on Pitt-Rivers (the man) and his work at Dorchester Dykes here and my concluding thoughts.

The overview in the chapter builds upon the work undertaken from 2006–2009 as part of the Museum’s The Other Within project, which sought to engage with the English collections of this world Museum and examine the public perception of the Museum as a place for the exotic (read: foreign). Although Oxfordshire objects formed a significant component of this project, the focus tended to be ethnographic whereas the emphasis here is on the archaeological collections.

In the initial draft of the chapter references were made to any associated entries documented on the English Heritage maintained National Monuments Record (NMR) and the Oxfordshire County Council Historic Environment Record (HER). It wasn’t possible to carry these over to the finished publication; however, the information was added to the record for each object and can be accessed using the Museum’s online database.


The Scribd embed seems to have stopped working. Click here to read the chapter on Scribd.

The chapter can be cited as:

Matthew Nicholas and Dan Hicks 2013. Oxfordshire.In Dan Hicks and Alice Stevenson (eds) World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization. Oxford: Archaeopress, pp. 279-301.
Written by +Matt Nicholas


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