The more things change…

Whilst doing a bit of research earlier I came across an article in The Observer that I missed when it was published. With continuing threats to heritage funding in the UK dominating many archaeological discussions I thought it would be worth summarising here for anyone else who didn’t see it :

“Large quantities of important archaeological material, the fruit of years of fieldwork, are at present lying, unexamined…”

An eminent archaeologist discussed this unfortunate state of affairs with the newspaper:

“British archaeology….is working under a very serious handicap, which may be stated briefly as lack of adequate funds and adequate facilities for research. The idea that the work is completed when the excavation of a site is finished and a report published is quite erroneous.

The article goes on to discuss other issues facing archaeology in the UK (including one which I imagine will be a growing issue if undergraduates with large debts cease to enter the archaeological workforce):

“There is to-day a dearth of archaeological experts who are qualified to conduct excavation and to deal with the finds…”

Oh, and the date of publication?

Sunday 4th November, 1934.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Written by +Matt Nicholas


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