Feel Good Hit of the Summer

Last week Robert Chapple posted an excellent guest post by Stuart Rathbone on working conditions in archaeology (there’s an interesting Facebook discussion on it here). Predominantly focussed on the Republic of Ireland, it builds on personal experience and surveys of the profession (i.e. McDermott and La Piscopia 2008) to debate a wide range of issues (pretty much all of which will be recognisable  to UK archaeologists).

I found myself agreeing with much of what Stuart wrote, except for one point: drugs. Continue reading

2 Become 1

A short blog on archaeology, tourism and information panels inspired by a trip to a Neolithic Stone Row in Ireland.

The Getaway

The N71 towards Kenmare (the Caha Pass) offers the fastest escape from the kitsch of Glengarriff; it’s views of the stark Beara Peninsula a welcome tonic after overpriced  sweaters and Guinness branded tin whistles.

There’s also a a Siren call to holidaying archaeologists: a brown sign to a Neolithic Stone Row. Continue reading