Stay+ : heartening news from Croydon

New Croydon Council leadership seeks to repair relationship with Museums Association and Arts Council

It’s been hard these last few years to feel positive about the future of heritage and museums, so I though some good news deserved highlighting.

Last year the Conservative controlled Croydon Council decided to try and sell 24 Chinese ceramics from the Riesco Collection at Christie’s. The council had hoped that the part sale of the collection, bequeathed in trust for the people of Croydon” in 1959, would raise over £13 million. In the end only 17 items sold, leaving the council with £6-7 million after auctioneer commission.

Riesco Gallery
The Riesco gallery in Croydon Museum after the sale. 
Image © Andrew Smith

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Beyond Archaeology

(It’s been a while since the last post here as life has got increasingly busy with completing my PhD [still ongoing], digging in Sudan and getting married)

Beyond archaeology one of the passions myself and Alice (also an archaeologist) share is music. We spent an inordinate amount of time considering what people would hear during our wedding and these playlists represent an audible archaeology of our lives; many of the songs inextricably linked to sites we’ve worked on and the colleagues who’ve turned into good friends over the years.

So, to celebrate personal and collective memories over the often empirical nature of our work, here’s some tunes:

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