New planning legislation potentially threatens archaeology. Again.

Yesterday the Queen outlined the Coalition’s legislative agenda for the new (and final) session of this parliament. One of the bills announced was the Infrastructure Bill. In the run up to the speech it received attention for the new rules it will introduce on fracking (changing trespass laws to allow companies to drill under peoples homes and land without the landowners permission).

But this isn’t all the bill is about as Dr Rachel Pope pointed out on Twitter earlier: Continue reading

bits not bricks: an archaeological reconstruction

Featuring the first ever mention of my PhD on this site.

My PhD research is on the analysis of non-ferrous early medieval alloys from three cemeteries at RAF Lakenheath excavated by the lovely people at the Suffolk County Council Archaeology Service (SCCAS). Because of a confidentiality clause in my funding (not inserted by SCCAS or Cardiff University) I’m not allowed to blog or communicate it without first submitting the text for approval, hence why none of my research has ever appeared here.

I didn’t mind this clause too much as the Suffolk County Council (SCC) website used to have a series of very interesting webpages about the Eriswell excavations to which I could at least direct anyone who was interested for a bit of context. Sadly, however, these were removed without ceremony Continue reading