A letter to friends who voted Leave

I originally started writing this to post on Facebook in response to updates from friends who are Leave voters, but then it got a bit too long…

Over the last few days I’ve seen Leave voters on Facebook posting in annoyance that Remain voters are not sitting in quiet acceptance of Friday’s result. Apparently it’s an outrage to democracy that those of us who voted differently have the nerve to be upset about the result and to express ourselves.

I find this bemusing (did y’all get a different Ladybird book of democracy to me?).

Referendums are always divisive. It’s not like a General Election where, after initial disappointment, it’s time to move on because there will always be another chance in five years. They are for keeps. It is perfectly reasonable to expect the losing side to be hurt and it should go without saying that the losing side deserve time to express their disappointment.


Portsmouth & Southsea train station, where I spent a sodden polling day campaigning for Stronger In / Remain in the EU Referendum.

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