Pitt Rivers and Oxfordshire

In 2013 the Pitt Rivers Museum published a book on World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization.

The project was conceived by Dr Dan Hicks (Curator of Archaeology) and managed by both Dan and Dr Alice Stevenson (Researcher in World Archaeology), the project involved a host of specialists examining over 30,000 objects from 134 countries. 

I was encouraged to throw my hat in the ring with a chapter on Oxfordshire (co-authored with Dan Hicks). The sheer size of the book (500+ pages) meant there was simply not space for everything, so in February 2013 I cobbled together a few of my leftover notes into a series of blogs. These have been collated here for ease of browsing:

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxfordshire and…me (part 1)

With the world at your feet, why study Oxfordshire?

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxfordshire and…Chapter 13 (part 2)

Read the published chapter on Scribd

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxfordshire and…The General (part 3)

A post on Lieutenant-General Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers and his work in Oxfordshire.

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxfordshire and…a conclusion (part 4)

The significance and potential of the Oxfordshire archaeology collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum.