The more things change…

Whilst doing a bit of research earlier I came across an article in The Observer that I missed when it was published. With continuing threats to heritage funding in the UK dominating many archaeological discussions I thought it would be worth summarising here for anyone else who didn’t see it :

“Large quantities of important archaeological material, the fruit of years of fieldwork, are at present lying, unexamined…” Continue reading

Museum Funding: Harriet Harman and Corporate Vanity

Heritage – and museums in particular – have not been having an easy time of it lately. So when Harriet Harman, after preventing Newcastle City Council cutting it’s art budget 100%gave a speech (in her capacity as Shadow Secretary of State for DCMS)  to reassure the culture community that Labour ‘get the arts‘ I read it with interest.  Within the text were three paragraphs that I felt had particular resonance for heritage and museums:
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